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The Charlotte Bridge is a weekly newsletter, run by journalists and operated on a free and independent platform that keeps readers informed and engaged on town governance.

The Charlotte Bridge is the first newsroom in the country to run its finances in a fully transparent way for the public. Same with it's website's code. Also, everything we publish is free for use. Editors should email Chea for guidelines before publishing.

Founders and Journalists:

Our History

After local journalist Chea Water Evans came under pressure for her diligent reporting on conflicts of interest in town, she quit. Friends Jack Fairweather, Adam Davidson, Christina Asquith and Jesse Wegman (also journalists) reached out to create a Substack to continue her coverage.

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Our mission is to produce the kind of news Charlotters have clearly said they need: coverage of town meetings, municipal governance, elected officials, conflicts of interest and all the other fun things that go on behind the scenes in a small town.

Our values: accuracy, transparency, objectivity, accountability and fairness

The Charlotte Bridge operates on simple core principles of journalism.

The core principles of journalism can be learned and followed by anyone, without acquiring a journalism degree, or having the backing of a massive organization: Readers should feel confident that an article was written in the best interest of the public and not, secretly, in support of some private interest.

The Charlotte Bridge is the first newsroom in the country to run its finances in a fully transparent way for the public. Click here to see our bank account, including all transactions and donations, live. If you donate any amount, you'll see your name there, too! Due to our committment to transparency, The Charlotte Bridge does not accept anonymous donations.

Thank you

We look forward to bringing you news from Charlotte as soon as it happens.

Thank you! Chea, Christina*, Adam, Jack and Jesse

*Update Jan 2022: Christina Asquith now volunteers for the town Development Review Board and is no longer actively involved in The Charlotte Bridge*

"We're here to report the news from Charlotte. We're going to do it fairly, with a critical eye toward not only town issues but toward ourselves. We want to make local news not only accessible and interesting, but to share our passion for how important and fun it can be. We're going to do everything we can to earn your trust and keep it." -- Chea Waters Evans, editor in chief, April 2021

Chea Waters Evans, journalist

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